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Local Listings

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Improving visibility with Local Listings

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Increasing the profitability by increasing local listings

Local business listings are online portfolios that contain information about your business, such as your name, address, phone number, hours, and other data. Most platforms that provide this information are free to use, but users must manually add their information or claim their business.

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Business Strategies

The goal of local business listings is to make your business more accurate and searchable online. Businesses who have information and photos listed often have better search engine optimization and are seen as credible and authoritative on the Internet. In addition, many local business indexes share information with others, so if your information is incorrect it may translate onto other sites. This is one reason why it is important to update your business listings regularly.

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Local listing management is the process of continuously updating and maintaining a business' location data across online directories, websites, and other customer-facing platforms. A local listing typically comprises a business' name, address, and phone number.

If you have a brick-and-mortar business or a local service area you’ll want your business information on as many online directories, maps, and review sites as possible.

Search engines pull information from these sites and display it under your web address for local search results. It’s possible that without any effort on your part, your business is already on some of them.

Claiming your business allows you to update and enhance your listing and respond to customer reviews. And some listing sites can provide you with valuable metrics, such as user views and customer leads.


Local business listings are another way to increase your reach online and make it easier for clients and prospects to find you. By having the correct information across the many platforms and sites, you can increase your SEO, add to your authority, and show credibility in your business.

Each local business listing has different categories, but some data you want to make sure you include are:

Business name


Phone number, including toll free numbers, extensions, and fax numbers


Reviews and ratings


In addition, you should make sure there are no duplicates of your business or information online. Often times, a business owner or assistant will create a profile, forget to finish it, and leave the information out in cyberspace. When trying to clean up these listings, make sure these incomplete profiles are either completed or deleted.


If you sell a service or product online you may not want to ignore the potential customers right in your own backyard. There are a number of potential local businesses who may be interested in what you have to offer, and as more and more people are using the internet for local searches youll want to make sure your website is optimized to attract these local clients.

One way to attract more search engine visitors locally is to use local keywords when optimizing your site. For example, if you offer web design services in Arizona, research keywords and include keywords with your location when optimizing your pages.

You should also submit your site for free local search engine listings. There are several local ones to choose from but Google and Yahoo are the two big ones. When you submit you can add details about your business including your address, office hours and so on. You can also grab a link to a map of your location which you can place on your website.

When targeting local clients, placing your local address, phone number and a link to a Google map of your business at the very bottom of the page footer may help in your local search engine results.

Local city business directories can also be a good source of leads and traffic, but make sure you research the directory to see if it will actually produce results for you. There are many business directories popping up and youll want to choose one with a good reputation and which can produce results.

But dont stop there; remember to include your website address on your business cards and local mailings so that local customers can view your website at their convenience. With many local business owners yet to get into the online marketing game, by starting early youll stand out from your local competitors.


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